Provincial's Musings


We are in the season of Easter. Christianity is about a love story. A God madly in love with His people. Easter is about the climax of this love story. Love is the greatest reality. Love never dies. Love is a power that every human being has. It is the one thing that makes all of us equal before God and before each other. Let us believe in the tremendous power of love.

The Risen Christ moves through the “Resurrection Narratives” collecting, consoling, con- fronting, and eventually missioning the early believers, or doubters. We are invited to keep looking for Jesus, even in the emptiness of life. C. S. Lewis, in his wonderful book, Surprised by Joy, writes that real joy is more in the seeking than in finding. Though slowly, we, people of apprehension, fears and uncertainties are transformed into missionaries and visionaries. My trip to the North East, especially animating the Reimagining and Restructuring exercise of Kohima Region and my maiden visit to Arunachal Pradesh is a witness to this experience.

We are on the verge of the General Elections. People must realize that the 2024 elections are the most important in the modern history of India. This election is about the future of India and the kind of nation we may want to build. We have so far lived in a free country; do we want our future generations to do so? Do we want them to be attacked for what they eat? Beaten up because of whom they pray to or whom they fall in love with? Voters will have to realize that they are voting not for themselves but for their children and grand- children, that they are voting for inclusion, diversity, and equal rights for all – for the idea of India itself. This year, people have to figure out the path they want India to take. Do we want to live in a country where freedom, equality, diversity, inclusion, and love are cele- brated? What we are looking for is communal harmony, good governance, free of corruption and guarantee for all citizens equality before the law. I believe the hour has come for all of us to ask this of ourselves and make a decisive vote with our ballot.

- Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ