130 students attend MAG+S 4 SAPUC in Mangalore

On : 01-Nov-2022

MAG+S 4 SAPUC (St Aloysius Pre-University College), held at St Aloysius Student Hostel, Someshwara, Ullal from October 22-24, was a spiritual pilgrimage for more than 130 students mostly from St Aloysius PU College, and a few from the surrounding colleges in Mangalore. The uniqueness of MAG+S 4 SAPUC was that the logistics of the whole programme were planned, organised and executed by a core group of AICUF youth of St Aloysius Degree College led by Br Bleston, Callistus Monterio, Amith Pereira and Supreet and AICUF members of SAPUC. Frs Sujay Daniel SJ, Fr Maxim Dias SJ and Br Reuell SJ were the animators to the core group.