Regional Theology Extension Centre, Bengaluru

The Karnataka Province Regional Theologate Extension Centre (RTEC) began in 1993 at Mundgod as part of realizing the dream of ensuring that at every level of formation there would be progressive vernacularization, regionalization, contextualization (in lifestyle and theology) and integration at the personal level focusing on the intellectual, spiritual, human and apostolic dimensions in order to form a fully integrated Jesuit into the apostolic body of the Society – to be able to vibrate with the various works and ministries of the Province. It was shifted to Anekal in 1996 to provide better Kannada atmosphere and scope for Kannada ministry and access to visiting professors. Since then after 3 breaks in the middle for lack of qualified personnel, want of students and necessary infrastructural demands, it was resumed in 2012. The RTC is the last stage of a well-articulated formation process with the initial (Novitiate-Juniorate) and intermediary (College-Philosophy-Regency) stages of formation that lay the foundation for it.