Youth Apostolate

Inspiration: “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” (Mother Teresa)
General Aims:
To coordinate the youth work in the Province both in rural and urban sectors – in collaboration with spiritual and pastoral caregivers, NGOs, citizen’s initiative movements, journalists and others
To assist the Principals/DOWs in offering integral formation programs (“head, heart and hands”) for students studying in our institutions
To form committed youth leaders (especially in the un-organized sectors)
To organize on-going training programs in youth ministry for youth animators, campus ministers and social workers.
To train “barefoot lawyers/nurses” to work in rural areas
To coordinate regular out-reach programs for urban youth in rural areas/slums

General Aims:
Every year one or two intensive courses on youth ministry for Jesuits and other youth animators, campus ministers, and social workers (topics: social analysis, human rights, adolescent spirituality and psychology, addictions, trauma, career guidance, sex education, motivational skills, legal aid, use of media in youth ministry…)
Weekend workshops/seminars on leadership skills, social analysis, career guidance, legal aid, environmental issues, media education (for groups like Ignitors, Jesuit alumni)
Every year one MAGIS program (5-6 days) for Catholic youth and youth animators.
Creative weekend/Sunday youth liturgies (especially for youth/students who come from other parts of the country (eg. Inspirers, North-Easterners), BPOs etc.
Annual AICUF State Conventions for 350 – 500 students on Human Rights and other relevant issues.
In collaboration with various Heads of the Institutions, Pastors, Social workers, Journalists mobilize youth rallies (to protest unjust policies/structures).
Launch “Belaku Program” in 2013 to provide English coaching for students studying in our rural institutions.
Set up a well equipped documentation center with print and electronic material on youth issues.
Publish booklets and produce a few documentaries (15 - 20) in regional languages every year on pertinent youth issues.
Offer counseling and therapeutic help to those who are victims of addictions, abuses, and other forms of emotional disorders
Collaborate with the Vocation Promoters to organize “Youth Missions,” “Youth Expos” in different parishes and also form “Youth Bands.”
Offer courses for youth animators, seminarians, teachers and others on Youth Ministry
Set up a Youth Welfare Center and tap resources from Government and other agencies to support youth work in the Province.

8 Pillars of Ashirvad Youth Apostolate



Target Group


No. of Youth



University & Pre-university students

AICUF Congress/Councils to groom a pool of young leaders; publication of bulletins on youth issues; street theatre, debate to spread human rights awareness and to foster political consciousness among students

1,000 (2013)
1,500 (2014)
2,000 (2015)
2,500 (2016)
3,000 (2017)



University students

Faith formation programs; soft skill training and social analysis; Youth parliament to promote critical, creative and constructive thinking among students

25,000 (2013)
35,000 (2014)
45,000 (2015)
55,000 (2016)
65,000 (2017)



Inter-religious youth group

Campaign against social evils by networking with civil society movements; community outreach services in cities, slums and rural areas;campaign to propagate blood and organ donation

100 (2013)
150 (2014)
200 (2015)
250 (2016)
400 (2017)



Unorgnaized& unemployed youth

Rural and slum youth empowerment programs and Career guidance;training for barefoot lawyers, nurses & journalists

1,000 (2013)
5,000 (2014)
8,000 (2015)
11,000 (2016)
15,000 (2017)



Catholic Youth

Creative youth liturgies, retreats; life skills training program; Pro-life ministry; formation of “Youth Bands” and “Theatre Troupes” to offer faith formation

500 (2013)
1,000 (2014)
2,000 (2015)
4,000 (2016)
6,000 (2017)



Christian Youth

Retreats, emersion experiences for youth in slums, prisons, old age homes, leprosy colony, and hospitals

300 (2013)
500 (2014)
750 (2015)
1,000 (2016)
2,000 (2017)



High School & college students

Eco-clubs and “Go-green campaign and community services; spread environmental awareness through films and street theatre

500 (2013)
1,000 (2014)
3,000 (2015)
5,000 (2016)
8,000 (2017)

“Dreams are not those which are seen while you’re sleeping. Dreams are those which don’t let you sleep”Dr Abdul Kalam.
We have a dream that by 2017, Ashirvad Youth Apostolate or Youth Welfare Centre of Karnataka Province reaches out to more than 1,00,000 youthin one calendaryear. We count on God’s blessings and generous support of Jesuits and all our well-wishers.
“Miles to go before we sleep. And miles to go…….!”Robert Frost