In the final analysis it is the change of mind-set, a change of value system, a change in attitudes that will bring about a true change in society. Therefore, all our works are ultimately aimed at bring about the transformation of human society by transforming the human individual. Otherwise the beneficiaries of our various services will have their social and economic standards raised and may be even their self-esteem deepened and standard of life bettered but at the same time remain as selfish as before and may even be more so and what is more tragic, may in their turn become the worst possible exploiters and oppressors of their fellow human beings. That is why our one single goal in all we do is to bring about a radical transformation of the human individual so that together with academic excellence, professional skill, social empowerment and cultural enrichment they also become spiritually strong, ethically robust, psychologically integrated and humanly sensitive, thereby becoming powerful instruments of social change.