Karnataka Jesuits

Seminar on Educational Leadership

A seminar on Educational Leadership for the men in secondary education of southern provinces was organized on 25 & 26 January at Ashirvad, Bangalore. Fr John Savard SJ, Rector, Maryland University, USA was the resource person. The participants were made to delve deep into the issues surrounding the school management. During the course of the two days different models, theories, life examples were discussed and reflected upon. The whole process was reflective rather than academic. Each participant was encouraged to reflect on his own leadership style and then draw insights towards becoming an effective leader. The resource person beautifully brought in insights from Jesuit Spirituality and made it relevant to the present Indian Context. Fr Henry Saldanha, the former PCE, gave the keynote address. Thanks to Fr Rohan D’Almeida, the present PCE, for meticulously planning this seminar. (Norwin Pereira)


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