Mundgod Jesuit Mission

Social Action
Loyola Vikas Kendra a social action wing of North Karnataka Jesuit Educational and Charitable Society (NKJE & CS) run by Jesuits of Karnataka, a leading NGO in both in Mundgod and HangalTalukas of Uttara Kannada and Haveri districts has put in sustained efforts to work for the integral development of the poor, fighting for justice, building up their self-esteem, restoring human dignity, creating awareness, promoting health and hygiene, releasing them from the fetters of money lenders and eradicating poverty. We foster 320 Self Help groups in Mundgod and Hangal Talukas which operate various activities with competence. In the education sector we do a lot of work among the children and youth. We have organized 2650 children in 117 children’s clubs. Regular Meeting and different competitions and inputs are provided to these members. We take tuitions for the children in many villages. There are two tailoring centers especially for young girls to support their livelihood. Regular computer and spoken English classes are conducted in Mundgod and Hangal respectively. We run 13 Village hostelsmainly for the primary and High school students. This year we have 370 students in our village hostels.

Loyola Institutions:
Believing that every child has the right to develop and prosper through education, the Mundgod Jesuit Mission has been working since 1991 for the education and empowerment, employment and emancipation of the poor, dalits and tribals and backward classes of Mundgod through literacy programme. Loyola Educational Institution, situated 2 kilometers away from the Mundgod town, is catering to several hundred students, with the aim of building a new human society imbued with the values of equality, freedom, justice, human dignity, solidarity and brotherhood by means of social, educational, developmental and moral progress of individuals, families and communities, particularly of dalits, tribals, minorities and other backward classes of Mundgod and Hangal talukas.
A large number of children who would have otherwise been totally deprived of education have not only passed out of the school but also have found gainful employment. Now the school has grown to Pre-University College (PUC). Loyola KendriyaVidyalaya (CBSE) School, another offshoot of Loyola Institution, is the recent addition indicative of theSchool’s progress and development.

Our Preferential Groups:
Though our educational and developmental works are available to all people, we have made our preferential option for the specially marginalized among them. They are:
• Goulies : Forest dwellers, cowherds.
• Siddis : Descendents of African slaves brought by the Colonial Powers.
• Lambanis : Semi-nomadic gypsies in early stages of settling down in village clusters.
• Dalits : So called low-caste untouchables.
• Gollas : Very poor shepherds and construction workers.
• Vaddars : Stone Cutters and quarry workers.

Loyola Children’s Home (LCH):
The children from the kindergartens in the villages are admitted to the Loyola School, Mundgod, since there are no primary schools and high schools in the villages. As their homes are far away in the forest they have necessarily to be resident in the school premises. Hence there are 12 cottages around the school on Loyola High School campus Mundgod, housing about 410 children with an average of about 40 children per cottage living in quasi family units and in a homely atmosphere under the care of house parents (wardens) and aunties (cooks).
The children in Loyola Children’s Home (LCH) are not only given school education but also are involved in household chores agricultural training and animal husbandry, discovery and development of talents, music, dance, drama and contribute to the integral development of each child. The children are also given nutritional diet, regular health checkup, medical treatment training in hygiene and sanitary practices and consciousness raising programmes on issues of social concern, ethical behavior, moral character, polite conduct etc are arranged.

St.Rita’s Parish at Mundgod is an abode for many devotees to quench their spiritual thirst. There are 37 families in the parish. A Jesuit Priest resides at the parish residence. The priests from the Mission take turns to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist. The parish has three substations where the Jesuits offer their service every weekly. There are 52 families in Mainahalli and 38 families in Ugginakeri. The people in this place are mainly ‘Siddi’s’, who are descendants of African slaves brought to Goa by the Portuguese, and hence bear African features. Another substation at Malagi has 7 catholic families. The parish at Mundgod looks after the socio-pastoral development of the people. The parish has a women’s cell, altar boys association, parish council, youth council and a finance committee. Catechism for the Catholic students is conducted every Sunday after the Holy Mass.St. Lawrence Church at Hangal is another parish under the supervision of Mundgod Mission. There are seven catholic families there.