Loyola, Mangalore

Loyola is the candidate house of Karnataka Jesuit province with 18 candidates this year of which nine are first years and nine are second years.

The two main Apostolate of Loyola Pre Novitiate are
A. Vocation Promotion
B. Formation of the Pre Novices

A. Vocation Promotion
Personal contact is the most effective means to promote vocations. This contact is maintained in a variety of ways such as visits to the schools and parishes, camps, correspondence and distribution of literature.
1 Visit to schools and parishes
We meet the boys in the school during the lunch break or during the time allotted to us. We talk about the Jesuits and their pioneering works when we address them. Those interested in knowing more about the Jesuits are invited for vocation promotion camps held in October and summer holidays.

2 vocation promotion camps
Talks on the Society of Jesus together with some personality development sessions help the boys to get a real picture of the Society. The vocation promoter meets each of the participants personally in order to know him and his family background better.

3 Correspondence
We keep in touch with the boys by sending a small bulletin “Karnataka Jejvith” in Konkani containing articles on vocation, priesthood, lives of saints, Jesuit news, interview with a priest and competitions. The director makes it a point to visit at least two or three times the families of the 10th standard boys who wish to join us.

B. Formation of the Pre Novices
Loyola Pre Novitiate eyes on the integral formation of a pre novice. The candidate is taken in his totality and attention is given to augment all the aspect of his personality. We concentrate on human maturity, intellectual growth, spiritual growth and growth in one’s talents, skills etc.
The two years at Loyola helps Pre Novices to discern and decide where God intends them to serve him. The probable candidates are called for a selection camp, after which they are trained in spoken English during the summer holidays. The academic year begins with the orientation programme. The candidates are introduced to pre novitiate way of life.
We combine PUC studies with pre novitiate formation. Each day begins with jogging, exercise, prayer and Eucharistic celebration. During the day pre novices go to St. Aloysius College for studies. In the evening there is time for games, manual work, studies and rosary. After supper we have music class/recreation. Besides this, on weekends we have regular classes in spoken English and the Society of Jesus. The Director meets the candidates regularly and fosters their vocation. Monthly recollection and confessions, visit to the home for the aged are a help to the pre novices to have a holistic growth.