Our Leadership

Fr. Adolfo Nicolas SJ
Society of Jesus

The Society of Jesus us a world-wide organization with Headquarters in Rome where the highest authority called the Superior General resides and guides the world-wide operations of nearly 17,000 Jesuits spread out in about 100 and more countries. These 17,000 Jesuits are grouped into smaller administrative units corresponding to different geographical locations called “Provinces” presided over by Superiors appointed by the superior General. These are called “Provincial Superiors” or simply “Provincials”. The Provincial of each province appoints leaders of each Jesuit community and the Heads of each Jesuit institution in his province. At present father Adolfo Nicolas, a Spaniard, is the superior General of the Jesuit Order and Father Jerome Stanislaus D’Souza as the Provincial Superior of Karnataka Jesuit Province, which has a little less than 300 Jesuits. There are altogether 18 such Provinces in India alone comprising about 4000 Jesuits in all.

Fr. Stanislaus D'Souza
Karnataka Jesuit Province