Emancipation, Education and Accompaniment ultimately leads to Empowerment. True freedom is when an individual becomes aware of his or herown human dignity, human rights and human potential and is equipped with courage, confidence and creativity to fight for them, to safeguard them, to nurture them and to share them with others while fighting shoulder to shoulder with others for their dignity, rights and potentialities. Through student associations, leadership training programmes, conscientization activities, public rallies and mobilization of people we have had a remarkable success in empowering the people who were once victims of pessimistic fatalism which led them to believe that injustice, oppression, exploitation and endemic poverty and deprivation of basic human rights and facilities was their destiny and that nothing would change their situation no matter what they do. Now the people are becoming more and more aware of not only their basic human rights but also their power when they rise up as one to mount sustained pressure on public authorities and launch concerted action for justice.