Child Focus

The responsibilities of field functions are delegated to a professional trained and experienced Director, Fr. Jerald D’Souza, who is a lawyer by profession and has demonstrated professional management and is equipped with Result Based Management skills to the success of all its programmes. He is also a member of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Bijapur district. The organisation has a good team of experienced Coordinators and animators who execute all the programmes and motivate the people.

The organisations core strategies and functional disciplines is the application of participatory and democratic processes, transparency and accountability in all its projects, programmes and finance management. The organisation has ensured to train its entire staff in Child Rights and also implementing programs under Child Protection and Child Development.

The approach of organising and creating people’s movements on the right based approach is the core strategy adopted by CNFE.
In all the slums the groups are organised under their specifically defined groups.
In each of the slum there is at least one group each of slum Committee, Women, senior citizens, domestic workers, construction labourers, children and auto drivers. These groups are further organised at the city level into their respective federations like the federation of slum Committee, of women SHGs, of construction workers, of domestic labourers, of auto drivers and of children. While the slum Committee federation focuses on the overall right based issues like land rights, basic amenities and other slum community level issues, the other federations work with the focus of their respective issues.
The women SHG federations focuses on overall women empowerment, the senior citizens federation focuses on the support systems required for senior citizens for their well being including life sustenance, health, recreation; the domestic workers federation works on the issues that are faced by domestic workers and their rights; the construction workers federation works on the wages – workers’ protection measures and workers rights; the auto drivers federation focuses on social security and other life sustenance support systems provided to them by the Government; the Children’s groups work towards making children aware about their rights and various protection issues pertaining to children like child labour, child marriage, child abuse, addictions, gender bias, devadasi system and the promotion of education for girl children.